5 reasons why you should learn from me

Mindulness + Coherence+ Positive Neuroplasticity: This is a unique course that combines three different approaches to emotional self-regulation, mindfulness and cardiac coherence. Mindfulness works at the cognitive level and teaches a new way to relate to one’s thoughts, perceptions and feelings while Positive Neuroplasticity affects changes in the underlying neural architecture. However, research has shown that more than the thoughts, it is the emotions that are the main mediators of how the body responds to stress (McCraty, 2017). I have obtained professional training in all three approaches and practice them regularly.

Agnostic: Most mindfulness courses draw their inspiration either from the Buddhist practices or from some pseudo-scientific findings that are outdated and/or shallow. I am not only well acquainted with the Buddhist philosophy of mindfulness but also a current researcher whose professional survival depends upon keeping up to date with the latest research in the field.

Science-based: Being a scientist foremost, I am neither willing to accept all the rituals and mumbo-jumbo associated with mindfulness nor would teach anything that is not substantiated by science.

On-going support: Most people give up mindfulness practice after a brief period, either because they are unable to realise the benefits they expected from it, or because they started doubting the efficacy of the approach. I have designed this course keeping these pitfalls in mind. Like many other skills, mindfulness is a skill that becomes better with practice and I offer ongoing support to encourage consistent practice. Although building an enduringly peaceful life is a life-long endeavour, this course is designed to also show immediate results. The coherence building techniques work to relieve stress when it is being actually experienced. People can directly experience the relief in just a few moments while at the same time building long-term resilience. Consequently, practitioners would be encouraged to keep practising for a long time which is essential to building a peaceful and contented life.

Unique: This course is one of a kind that I have designed based on my long-term passion for and practice of mindfulness, its scientific study and professional training in both mindfulness and the HeartMath® techniques. I firmly believe that mindfulness is not sufficient in itself, it needs to be integrated with a way to work with emotions at the level of the heart.

In one of the recent talks, Jon Kabat-Zinn who introduced mindfulness to modern psychology, said that mindfulness should be referred to as heartfulness. This course does not just refer to mindfulness as heartfulness, it actually transforms mindfulness into heartfulness. I can firmly state that I have benefitted immensely from practising mindfulness and the HeartMath® techniques and will teach it to anyone willing to learn.

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