Mindfulness with Harry

Incredibly potent | Life changing | Can be used anywhere

Course framework

State-of-the-art approach to ‘in-the-moment’ and ‘long-term’ stress relief---
Mindfulness Meditation, Coherence Building and Positive Neuroplasticity

Course HIGHLIGHTS, learning techniques and skills for:

  • Maintaining composure and emotional stability in challenging situations
  • Coping effectively with anger and frustration
  • Improving cardiovascular functioning
  • Improving and sustaining physiological and mental health
  • Increasing cortical thickness and brain functioning
  • Possibly increasing longevity (inhibiting telomere degeneration)

Course Structure

  • One hour FREE introductory class on different days at different locations in Melbourne, for more information click here
  • Two full days of training at Abbotsford Convent on 27th and 28th October
  • The history and science of mindfulness
  • Practice of different forms of mindfulness meditation
  • Techniques and tips to integrate mindfulness practice into your daily life
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability) basics
  • One minute protocol to assess the current level of your HRV
  • Techniques to increase HRV and Coherence, e.g. Quick Coherence® Technique (QCT), Heart-Focused Breathing TM Technique (HFB), Heart Lock-In® Technique (HLI) etc.
  • Learn scientifically validated Positive Neuroplasticity protocols
  • 2 days a week Skype (or alternate method) (6.15 am to 6.45 am) session of mindfulness meditation that you can log into

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