You can live only in the ‘Present’. Future is not here and the past is gone. All you have is THIS moment. Mindfulness meditation teaches how to live in the THIS moment. Mindfulness meditation teaches you to anchor your ‘run-away, run-amok’ mind to the present moment by making it still, yet focused and alert. Mindfulness is a group of meditation techniques that have been honed to perfection over 2500 years by ancient contemplative traditions and validated through hundreds of modern psychological studies. Anyone can learn and implement mindfulness in their daily life. Harry will teach you the theory and practice of mindfulness, and the techniques and tips to drag it into your daily life. In fact, he will hold your hand every step of the way. Will you let him?


Enhances communication and relationship with self and others


Promotes compassion and altruism

The Heart of the Matter

Positive Mind | Coherent Heart| Flourishing Life

Heart is a complex information processing system that profoundly affects the functioning of the brain and other body organs. But most importantly it is the seat of emotions, negative and positive. That is what the ancient wisdom has told us. Modern science now confirms it through hundreds of scientific studies.

Negative emotions such as stress, anger, frustration and anxiety create a jagged pattern of heart rhythms which is called ‘Incoherence’. Positive emotions such as love, appreciation and care create a smooth heart rhythm called ‘Cardiac Coherence’ or just ‘Coherence’.

"Heart is not just a pump"

HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

  • HRV is the beat to beat variation in the heart rate or the heart rhythms
  • Our heart profoundly affects the brain function, most body organs, our emotional and mental experience and hence the quality of our lives
  • HRV is an excellent marker of our psychophysiological health and even a predictor of ‘all-cause mortality'.
  • Coherence

  • It is a psychophysiological state that is characterised by contentment, peace, calm, happiness, a feeling of control and being connected with self and others
  • Most people experience this at one time or the other (e.g. flow or being in the zone) and crave to regain it.
  • Low HRV is associated with low coherence as well as deficient self-regulatory capacity and impaired emotion regulation.

Good news is that anyone can learn to improve his/her Coherence.

Over a period of time, mindfulness practice can lead you to a calm and peaceful life. However, when you are in the midst of challenging situations, you need powerful coherence building techniques to take the bite out of the raw and turbulent negative emotions right then, right there.

Mindfulness with Harry course does exactly that—teaches you how to develop Mindfulness to build long term resilience AND use powerful Coherence building techniques to melt away the negative emotions ‘in the moment’.

Are you ready to learn the revolutionary life-changing techniques of Mindfulness and Coherence?

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